Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stary babka  old woman -pen drawing

As the holidays approach and the days get more and more hurried  I find myself staying closer to home,  content with my thoughts.

Imagery has always been a source of  fulfillment for me, and lately I've been drawn to the Grandmotherly image . 
This is the time of year I sometimes dream of befriending an old woman in a hut in the woods...

She sees me coming and greets me at the door with a smile and calls me "dear girl" while she pulls me into her kitchen. There she would fix me a hot tasty meal and tell me wonderful stories about the old days.

She would have a cat or two that she would talk to as if it understood and pet goats for milking. I would sit in her kitchen and watch her cook with out measuring. We are delighted to be in each others company. I receive from her unconditional  love and I am hoping she is receiving the same from me.

She is patient and kind and laughs at herself. Her clothes don't match and we eat graham crackers while the pot boils. I hide her spoon and laugh when she slaps her head for misplacing it. 

Sometimes she talks to me in her native tongue and I act as if I understand  so that she will continue and I can listen. She is magical in the way she transforms me. 
When I am with her, my troubles fall away and she and I are all that is.

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