Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding inspiration from strong women, 
and cats.

   Blind Marta         
pencil drawing

She holds the cat firmly, 
feeling its compliance and surrender,
caring for each other,
 mutual trust.


  1. A strong work! I feel deep impressed by the psychological expressions of the faces of blind Martha and the cat. An intimate and dearly connection between Martha and the little cat.

  2. Hi Ramona,

    Wonderful, expressive work! :)

  3. Me too I am very impressed by the face of blind Martha. Well, she has wonderful beautiful eyes. When I first saw the drawing, I wondered : does she really exist, blind Martha and her cat? She looks like she must be a real being.
    It is a bit difficult for me to think of compliance and surrender when there is a cat involved - though my cats are gentle and tame. But then I can remember situations of holding a cat firmly, and feeling that compliance : a cat saying : ok, now I feel I have to follow you - though I can leave if I want ... that is a beautiful moment.

  4. Ha ha. Yes! It is Difficult to picture compliance and surrender when it comes to cats. I know exactly what you mean. Believe me, my Emma does not know the meaning of these words.
    I was imagining a special bond between someone who cannot see but only feels deeply when she is caring for her cat.
    Some how I think the cat knows she cannot see and allows herself to trust . However, when the cat does not wish to comply she has only to stay a few feet away. Yes?

  5. What a face! Such great contrast between Martha's face and the cat's "expression". It would be almost impossible to extract them with such clarity from "real" reality, you'd have to get that from inside.

  6. Thank you for such a nice compliment Nika!
    There is now a painting in progress and I will carry all these wonderful insights in hopes of capturing Marta and her cat in another medium.

  7. Wow very powerful and beautiful!