Tuesday, January 11, 2011

 A new drawing to photograph, an exercise in shading, exploring detail,
a depiction of realism,...

"What!? Do you want me to move?"

Emma thinks she should be in every photo.

Pencil drawing


  1. The drawing of this hand is very sensitive and firm at the same time ... and that little person is amazing. I had noticed that lovely face in an older post. A very special treasure, and her name goes so well with her.

  2. oh my goodness. that is one beautiful cat... and the hand drawing is pretty nice, too! :)

    beautiful poem in your last post.

  3. Yes! It's a good thing that little Emma is cute because she is SO naughty!
    She is the queen of the household.
    Thank you both for your comments:)

  4. A lovely post! Emma is greeting my lonely cat-family... Thank you, Emma!
    The drawing is exactly as Stille Linde describes: Sensitive and firm at the same time. A talent!!!

  5. Thank you Dori! Sending you and lonely cats love and security.

  6. Hi Ramona. I too love your cat. How fluffy! Beautiful hand sketch here.

  7. Ha, they do love to do that, don't they. Whatever you're reading or writing or drawing, that is the best place to plop their fluffy butt down on :)