Tuesday, February 08, 2011

 Fledglings, Eagles and How things are.

The Fledgling

A little sketch this morning and noticing some similarities. 
The young bird has such an innate desire to move on but still needs time to grow,
immature and not yet confident in ones abilities,
 still learning and taking in the environment, awkward and evolving.
I have felt  like this many times in this life of mine and will
feel this way many times more. 
This is just how things are.

The Eagle

I have been distracted and delighted lately.
It is a rare treat indeed to have so many Bald Eagles on the Rock River.

Taking every opportunity to see these magnificent birds has been occupying my 
thoughts, interrupting plans, and interfering with appointments.

Eagles making an appearance on the Mississippi in winter are more common.
One or two sightings, something special, But here? On the Rock River?
A mere 15 min. drive and there is open water. A good place to fish if you're an Eagle.
I have counted eight sometimes ten just within my direct view. They are steadfast in the business at hand. Who could blame them. Protein is a priority when the actual temp. is -4 degrees.

 Regal, self confidant, patient, and glorious.


  1. Love your little sketch! You really captured the spirit of this little one :)

  2. glorious eagles indeed!

    yet even eagles need courage and encouragement to launch

  3. I Think it is an interesting coincidence, that in this post you put together the young bird, who needs still protection, and the strong, high flying and for this region seldom and being full of courage eagle.I think the eagle wants to tell you,that your soul and mind also are sometimes like an eagle.
    Beautiful and appealing drawing of the young bird!

  4. I experienced my first bald eagle sighting today. Thank you!

  5. You are welcome Renae, and I think your eagle has inspired you to spread your wings and take flight!
    Bless you!