Monday, February 14, 2011

The passing of a sweet spirit.

1995 - 2011

We laid to rest our sweet pug, Dolly over the weekend.
She came to stay with us 9 years ago at the age of 6 or 7.
She was a retired breeder for a puppy mill in Missouri, no longer of prime breeding age she was sold at an  auction along with other dogs that "no longer earn their keep" and through the kind efforts of the dog rescue groups in Missouri and Illinois, she was then
spayed, given vet. care, quality food and loved by a foster family until she was put up for adoption and became our girl.
We never tired of watching her blossom into the beautiful little pug she was meant to be.

 Silent, (we never heard her bark) stoic and intuitive she had many special qualities that we never tired of noticing and marveling at. 
We always felt she gave us more than we gave her.
We eventually went on to adopt two more pugs, and recently a lanky hound mix.

While we will miss your sweet face dear one, our hearts are filled with gladness that we were the ones that you shared your life with.
Rest in peace sweet girl.

Please consider adoption.


  1. Sending caring thoughts your way. I am sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute!

  2. Oh, Ramona. I'm so very sorry. What a beautiful, sweet dog. I can't imagine how much she will be missed.

  3. Ramona,
    Such touching story, thanks for sharing.
    Our three pets are also adopted and we love them so much.
    Take care,

  4. Thank you Nan, miz katie, and Carmen for sending such warm thoughts my way. I so very much appreciate
    your kindness.

  5. Ramona, I have tears in my eyes when I read about such loss. She had the face and the eyes of an angel. Take care.

  6. And your tears are my tears dearest Stille Linde.
    Thank you.

  7. O Ramona, what happened! It is so quiet now, and nobody can fill this empty place, only the deep, deep love we feel for the lovely creatures, who are still here and need our care.
    You are a wonderful mother, you were it and will be.

  8. I am honored to have met Dolly and especially to have revisited her one last time. I am sorry for your loss. She is peaceful now, I'm sure..

  9. Thank you Dori, Even though we know the time must come it is difficult. We are hugging our other sweet ones close right now.

    Renae, Thank you for your kind words.xo