Monday, March 07, 2011

Artist selling their work.

I've been working hard on some new drawings and am almost ready to open my etsy shop.
If anyone has a shop, please leave a comment on any thoughts you wish to share about 
It seems to be an affordable way for artisans around the country to display their work and offer it for sale with as little or as much time as you would like to spend on it.

The Willow, the stream, and Misha

Taking walks with my dog, Misha, we are drawn to special places.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. A beautiful drawing with a gentle simple mystery in it :-) Good luck with your Etsy shop :)) for some time I also plan to open an Etsy shop, to sell my prints, but first some more printing will happen :-)

  2. I'm so glad to hear you say that you too would like to open a shop. You would have a wonderful shop Stille Linde! Thank you for the well wishes:)

  3. The tree looks like a "Stille-Linde_Tree". Here you are like sisters. The hole feeling is a little bit like some drawings of Stille Linde, only the dog is very wild, Stille Linde does not know such wild dogs. :)

  4. Hmm, That's interesting Dori. I have no doubt that I'm influenced by other artists that I admire.
    I have always enjoyed watching my art as well as another's art go through changes as their lives weave this way and that way. Suffering , loss, joy, friendships, they all play a part don't they.:)

  5. I don't agree. It is a Ramona drawing ! But it is true I don't know such wild dogs, only wild cats ! This morning there were many traces of blood on the floor. First I thought all three cats were ok and they had made a poor victim somewhere. But then I saw one of the males has a wounded front paw : one of the soft pads looks somehow torn and bloody. He was lying silently in the arms of his brother :) and I applied some good healing cream. A bit later I found him purring on his back with his four paws in the air, so it is all rather ok, I hope :) we will keep an eye on it.

  6. I love etsy! My friend Lupen Grainne sells her art there. You can find her at

    When you start your shop be sure to add a link on your blog!

  7. I've got an Etsy shop (link on the blog) no sales yet- lots of interest and one "nibble". Only been on there a month so far!

  8. good luck with your etsy shop Ramona.... I have been thinking of opening one, but am still in the thinking stages, and that is okay. I will be watching for it.

  9. I just love seeing all your sketches. Especially love the bottom one. I have an etsy shop but havent had much luck with it. I keep trying though. I do know of a few other bloggers who do well with it and it is cheap. Good luck and I'll be looking for it.

  10. Ramona congratulations on your etsy shop - it looks wonderful and I love all the work in there already. I was wondering if you had heard of Rima Staines of Into the hermitage - - there is something about the 'wordly wise' expressions of your character faces that reminds me a little of the historical nature of Rima's work and its roots in folklore - I think you might like it.

  11. Thanks Gillian for stopping by my etsy shop and my blog.
    Yes! I'm a fan of Rima's work. She has such talent that one.
    I"m complimented that you see something of her work here.:)