Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drawing on strength and fragility

A couple of days ago I started this drawing. It was one of those drawings that I don't really have an idea, I just want to move the pencil around to see what emerges. I started with an oval shape and then lightly penciled in eye lids, nose, mouth, and thought maybe it looks like the moon, then I added a bird tucked under the chin and added hair on the  head and it became a girl.

A sensitive girl tenderly holding a bird,
maybe the bird is injured, I'm not sure, only that

there is a mutual recognition that they each

need each other to live.

I will continue to work on strengthening this drawing. It seems to need to be sharpened somehow without losing the fragile feeling.


  1. What a wonderful drawing! It makes me nearly cry.All love one can give is in the face of the girl, all wondering about this world. Heartfelt! How clear and sharp you have drawn the hair, like old masters! Be careful in changing something. For me it is great.

  2. She's Beautiful,so peaceful looking. And I went and checked out your etsy store. Congrats,it looks great.

  3. I see beautiful natural egg shapes and a very strong unity. The head of the girl is an egg, the body of the bird is an egg, the hand of the girl an egg shaped nest for the bird.

    I looked at your Etsy shop and added it to my favourites :-) Congratulations with all your work and I wish you good GOOD luck !
    PS Also I enjoyed looking at your favourites :-)

  4. Hello Stille Linde! I was thinking of you today. Thanks for your comment. I see the egg shapes too, also the eyelids:) I find it curious that my drawing is sometimes different when I use a pencil rather a pen.
    Thanks for the well wishes on the etsy shop. Looking for favorites is great fun!