Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When I first started this blog I had no idea of the wonderful women I was to meet. Artists, photographers, writers, moms, sisters, so many people I have found common ground with.
Today, to show my appreciation and to acknowledge some of these incredible women, I wish to share a few of the blogs I like to visit. This is just a small sample.
More to come....

To Dorikult a gifted artist for her narrative paintings of her life in the Bavarian Forest, and her lit from within paintings of spiritual imagery. I absolutely love this style of painting.

An aspiring blogger, my beautiful niece at A day in the life for her zest for life!

To the Gaelic region please see the work of the very talented Into my own for her photography that is an inspiration to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

To Nika Zakharov for her beautiful skillful depiction of the human form and her dedication to her art. A quiet beauty can be found here.

For her sense of humor and youthful exuberance you must visit Lunar Hine.

 The blog What the Sea Told Me shows photos Lisa takes from her attic window of
The Irish Sea. Astounding!

and the gorgeous, poetic photography of A mouse upon the sands.

 I wish to thank these women for sharing the beauty of  their
lives, and the courage and generosity for letting others enjoy their talents.

Please check back for the next round of this celebration and appreciation of wonderful women.


  1. Yes you do meet so many wonderful people through blogging. I love it. And I truly enjoy visiting my favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing the links,I'm gonna go and check them out.

  2. O, Ramona, what a post! It is not possible, that I have found you. I am sure that I am dreaming!

  3. I'll visit these women - and be inspired myself. Thank you for your recommendations.

  4. Ramona, I just read this post, albeit a little late. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog, it's very gracious and sweet of you. I visited the other blogs you listed and had a great time! There's so much beauty out there...

  5. *blush* Thank you, both for the recommendations and including me! :)