Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back from my travels

On a recent trip to Michigan I stopped at Indiana Dunes State Park.
Home of Diana of the Dunes whom I did not see,
 however I did see...

Dori of Forsythia lighting up the beach.

The wind and the sound of the surf so strong and loud 

behind the dunes, everything is quiet and calm.
and  I sit and rest I think about the trip ahead,

a snake has made smile tracks
in the sand.

A stop in Ann Arbor Michigan

Lamb of God

Carved limestone by unknown artist 
mid century France

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Vitosha Guest Haus

Driving into town one morning I passed the most beautiful Guest House

I popped in to inquire for my next trip in the fall.
I was graciously shown around the premises by the proprietress 
and her lovely Rottweiler-Mastiff cross.
Absolutely stunning property!!!

A little further east and I arrive.
The best part of all.
My final destination, the reason for this trip.
 A visit with my son and his lovely wife. 

New life

A tiny newborn will greet the world in late summer.
May this family be blessed with all they hold dear .xo


  1. Oh how exciting! And the guesthouse is quite enchanting.... I love stone houses covered in green and tucked into the land - beautiful.

  2. Thank you Valerianna, you would have loved this trip:)

  3. Very , very mystic! It is wonderful to go with you, and you choose the important and lovely things. When I read about the "good hope" tears came into my eyes. This is really the crown! My heart beat higher when I saw this wonderful yellow forsythia in the "desert". It is a special experience to send greetings through this firebush! Beautiful Guesthouse.

  4. Congrats on being a soon to be Grandmom! How exciting! Your trip looked wonderful. Lots of beautiful places to see.

  5. And the beautiful "Lamb of God" !

  6. These photos are calming, and I like how you notice little details like a heart-shaped leaf and snake tracks.

  7. It felt good to get off the busy highway and rest among the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. These little treasures
    (heart Leaf and snake tracks) show themselves to me and I felt refreshed and ready to continue my journey,

  8. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Fair maiden you are too pretty to be a grandma.