Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two works in progress

and while this work goes on..


there is snoring

and grooming sounds by
my companions.


  1. Usually here, too - the grooming sounds, though Pasha is out and about on this warm-ish day.

    Both pieces are beautiful. How I wish I could be in the studio today, office work, school work, bills... oh my!

  2. I see the most lovely happiness in the face of the girl who feeds the birds. There is a beautiful 'childlike' love and joy in this drawing. So pure, so human.
    And in the face of the woman who carries the 'shrine' inside her, I see a strong thoughtful self-consciouseness and self-aware communication towards others. Also the bird sits in a very strong upright position. Happy.
    I'm happy to see your colors !
    I love these grooming sounds of furry companions !

  3. Ahhh your babies are too cute. Love the new piece.

  4. the snoring is done by the cat, here!

  5. Two drawings/paintings,portraying a woman with a positive feeling in her face, being in front of a kind of window, and behind the windows I feel sunny and not too warm and free April-air. The flowers have inspired you to feel the air and sun with them.
    You have happy animals!

  6. Beautiful work,the person in the first one is adorable.

  7. It is so heartening to have these comments and insights.Thank you!!

  8. I always like to see "process pics", the framing of the top one is very engaging, it's coming along so nicely!
    The bottom one to me looks like it could be a portrait of Emily Dickinson, what a perfect image.