Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just beyond the trees

at the edge of town is a watery world that 
I like to visit, and on a
sunny day in early June, I went there.

 I sit at the waters edge and am soon rewarded.

There, do you see?

 You hang suspended with your golden eye
and I hold my breath

and am suspended with you...

  this moment.

 this waters edge.

The air is humid and a breeze stirs the
Cattails now and then while Cottonwood seeds drift
slowly by..
Wet smell of pond reflecting light
I enter your world.


  1. I love the frog - great post!

  2. With words you beautifully woven into a tale and a gentle crass off your brush magic was released.. thank you for sharing it all with us.

  3. The little wonders of the Earth :) I love your interpretation of the frog!

  4. Oh how I love waters edges ! How I love frogs ! :-) And you enjoyed your watercolor like the frog enjoys the pond, there's frogjoy in it.

  5. There is a real communication between you and all the nature surrounding you, elements, plants, animals. There is a feeling! It is a message. Your impressions flew soft like not cold water into the watercolor. Peaceful.

  6. Your words and images seem to float along so beautifully together. Thank You. I have been searching the waters edge for frogs recently too. No luck, but I will continue on patiently searching.

  7. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words.

  8. Very evocative... and such a gorgeous watercolor. I'm glad to know people like you exist, Ramona...

  9. I'm not sure what was more beautiful, the visit at the waters edge, or the heartfelt words you all have shared with me here. Thank you so much!!:))

  10. ponds are a wealth of entertainment and amazement. I love your frog!