Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emma is uncomfortable when people come to the house.
Recently a repairman came and...

she gets a very worried look on her face,
and becomes extremely alert!

Stop talking, I want to listen!

Who is there?!!

What I find even more amusing is when I'm laughing at her behavior
 she never lets on that I'm laughing at her. 
She still keeps her silly worried look.


  1. I love it - she's a 'watch-cat.' lol

  2. Goodness... my Sophia cat was like that... but usually she had already gone to her hiding place if someone that made her nervous came, so I didn't see her expression for very long!

    Emma's eyes are like crescent moons - beautiful!

  3. This watching face and these watching eyes make me to be astonished! A real psychological face!

  4. I must point out that poor Emma's beautiful eyes have blocked tear ducts. She does not like me to hold her and clean the matter. Rather than stress her, I can only wipe at them if she is sleepy. Most of the time she takes care of it herself.

  5. I know this phenomenon from Timmi, but he loves to be fondled in his face thousand times a day.