Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Glorious summer and a new painting inspired by
the Mystical Writings of St John of the Cross.

Wild black raspberries

the exquisite smell of milkweed,

The pale purple of thistle

Detail (above) and full view
of painting inspired by the 13 verse
of the Spiritual Canticle.


  1. Beautiful Ramona... so very moving. I feel your loving heart here. I'll need to study up on its inspiration!

  2. I like it so much, Ramona! Really glorious!! The summer-flowers and fruits - this is also the garden of YOUR SOUL (verse 16 and 17, I prepared it today and yesterday). You really are a summer-garden in blossom! Excellent virtues are blowing and smell so sweet! The drawing is touching my heart! Thank you for all!!

  3. Beautiful pictures,especially love the flowers. And your painting is also so very beautiful.