Saturday, July 09, 2011


It's as if I've been cast under a spell..,
a midsummer night's dream....

there is now an intermingling,
an overlapping, 

between this world
and the other,

When I read that
 "The Canticle cannot be explained
It can only be experienced"
I begin to understand.

Small glimpses of perfection,

messages of perfect love,

Incredible that this would happen
to someone like me,
 hardly a deserving sort.

catch us the foxes
for our vineyard is now in flower,
while we fashion a cone of roses
intricate as the pines;
 and let no one appear on the hill

Translation and commentary on Verse16 of The Canticle

 These moments of understanding do not want to be interrupted,
they want to be held onto and not be intruded upon by such things as doubt.

I return to the waters edge again and again.
Such clarity is at hand.

Metamorphosis-to transform,
to come into ones creative power.
The frog is born into water and through out its life remains close to its source,
always in the element that it was created in.


  1. your posts always leave me in a calmer place - love the photos and your drawing.

  2. fantastic photos...and I love the sketch page!

  3. This is right: "leave me in a calmer place". There is no border between the scenes you "catch" and your love. You catch the love! What a green Green of the frog in meditation! What a hopeful meditation of the catcher. Thank you, Ramona. Greetings from pool to pool (in this moment I posted a pool with a big white animal, a hunter!! :) )

  4. Please, what kind of footprint is this??

  5. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

    Dori, this is the hoof print of a deer:)

  6. Do you know the tale of "Frog_King"?
    The King's-daughter played with her golden ball beside the pool. Suddenly it fell into the deep pool. The King's daughter cried. A frog came and asked her: "Why do you cry?" She said: "because I've lost my golden ball." The frog brought her the ball from the deep depth of the pool. Later they married, the frog changed into a prince.

  7. I like your meditations here especially:
    These moments of understanding do not want to be interrupted,
    they want to be held onto and not be intruded upon by such things as doubt.

    And in the first photo it feels like I'm looking at the flower through a shimmering veil.

  8. I am completely fascinated, Ramona!

  9. Ramona, I've needed some time to be able to say : I know these experiences, I know them so deeply ... and now at this time of my life I feel "outside" of them, maybe because I'm focused on working working working. The frog is a very mysterious happy connection for me too. I'm happy for you and this most precious luminous peace you find yourself in.