Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To see

 the wonder

of life, is to be alive.


  1. This is so beautiful. Your words, the sensitivity of your lines and the eye.. it's just dazzling.

  2. This eye IS being alive. Delicate life, passionate life, and dedicated ... very beautiful, thank you Ramona !

  3. You captured the sweetness of the birds eye so beautifully, lovely.

  4. First I see the eye - then I read "To see" - then I think to recognize a part of a birds face - and I read "the wonder" - then I see the complete bird's face and I read "of life is to be alive". What a gentle opening of the view!This bird you have drawn really seems to be alive. Adventurous!!

  5. I'm always so happy to see your posts pop up in my Google reader --
    another simple and beautiful post -- thanks Ramona!

  6. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Moon is aligned with element of water
    Shimmers in the sky
    Sailing through the heavens
    Core of all religions light
    All seen in a sparrows eye