Monday, October 03, 2011

Drawings inspired by
The Canticle of St. John of the Cross.
A joint project.
 Artists, Barbara Beeckmans from Belgium and Dori Stuffer
from Germany and myself are undertaking the readings of medieval mystic,
 Juan de Yepes y Alvarez and are finding that
the creative process is a mystery in and of itself.

Stanza 20.
Swift-winged birds,
lions, stags, and leaping roes,
mountains, lowlands, and river banks,
waters, winds, and ardors,
watching fears of night:

These are drawings that flow from deep within,
out through the
arm, and deposited on paper.

Here I have selected to show the "swift winged birds" of the imagination
and a quiet bird being held much like what is held in the
mind during moments of stillness and quietude.
The fish represents water.
Water representing sorrow of the soul.

I dedicate this post to the mystery in Art that come from still and quiet places.

 The quiet and sorrowful beauty of Harvest Moon painted by George Inness.


  1. Such a beautiful post, Ramona -- love your drawings - so heartfelt.

  2. It's just beautiful, Ramona! I'm always amazed at how with the simplest of lines you are able to convey such heartfelt art.

  3. A simple beauty in the drawing.

  4. Just so Beautiful!So full of meaning.

  5. The fish is like the deep waters making a cradle for her, and the dark bird gives her shelter, her face is in silent rapture, and this sees the quiet bird on her hand :-)

  6. What a composition of lines! genial So soundful and making quiet all hecticness of the world and our thoughts. Such a drawing only can come from a person, who has a lot of experiences of life, of living together with the animals of nature, of meditation and - of drawing. Deep devotion! My respect!

    The text in the link: It is difficult for me, because I am used to the flourishing original-text of the Saint, I already read 3 times.

  7. Every word of every person here lights up my heart.
    Thank you so very much for keeping this ember burning. XO

  8. I see joy and power and future in your work, and I always have seen it in your often very uncomplicated, simple lines and themes. Joy and something else, what is it? I say spirituality and deep feelings and love for the nature and creatures.

  9. "waters, winds and ardors" has a beautiful sound to it.

    I also like in the last illustration the curve of the fish and bird's wings encompassing the figure.