Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adding color can make a drawing speak a little louder.

Sometimes line drawings say all there is to say when left simple,
and honest.


  1. I love just the little bit of color in there... and now that wee house looks like my new little studio tucked into the rusty beech leaves! Particularly soothing drawings for me today, thanks.

  2. oh my... perfect *perfect* color!!


  3. Imagine, Ramona, a few days ago I made a drawing with a butterfly, too. I had a special experience with a butterfly last Sunday in the church: The little "bird" lay like being dead on the stone-floor. I took it into my hand to carry it outside and to find a place for sleeping forever. But on the way to some bushes the small creature felt warmth and life again and flew like a young bird into the sky. I was so happy!
    Later I made some drawing and could not avoid to draw a butterfly. It is as if my butterfly is coming to you holding the flower in your hand...

  4. I also want to mention, that the color you added has a good and strong effect!

  5. Valerianna needs soothing drawings today and I'm glad my drawings are filling that need :) Soothing is good.

    Lynne and Dori agree that the color gives a good feeling and,

    Dori has an experience with a butterfly that shows how connected we are, this is an experience that happens often and with everyone. Look for it.