Monday, February 27, 2012

February has brought with it, drawings of women and birds,

shadows on roof tops,

and today, as I prepare the morning coffee,
shafts of light illuminate a cutting board.

Increasingly, more and more, my world has come down
to things immediate and of a plain beauty so
magnificent it is hard to miss.

The Tv box and newspapers distract from this kind of seeing,
so does gossip, small talk and chatting on the phone.

To hone the inner world with eyes that see,
one must be conscious of what is chosen.


  1. I am struck by the way the cutting board photo echos the lines i find in your drawings. thank you for these wise words to contemplate as I begin my day. -sus

  2. Really!! The lines on the cutting board have a harmony with your drawing lines!!
    I love your simple way of life.
    Here the sentence of a monk, my teacher:
    Three points are important in life:
    1. Simple living
    2. Simple cooking
    3. Be patient with your husband

  3. Ahhhhhhh.... birds, wise women, beautiful wood and light.

    Wise words, too, in praise of eyes that SEE, for they are SOUL eyes.

  4. Yes, Yes and Yes... so very beautiful, words thoughts and images.
    Thank you