Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In among the Cat Tails

An earlier painting, revisited and now completed, shows a female figure
holding a bird among the rustling Cat Tails.

In my drawings and paintings of women and birds, the women almost
always represent humans reverence for nature and the bird symbolizes
this fragile connection. The original people of North America understood this and as this painting progressed, the woman began to take on this spirit.
 I could smell the wet lands where she stood and hear the call of distant blackbirds.

This painting will soon be available in my etsy shop.

As the wheel of the seasons turn, the earth is poised to release her 
embryos. In the absence of green and birdsong, now is the 
time to hone our senses and delight in the feeling of expectation.


  1. Beautiful, Ramona, as always, your work touches me.

  2. When I read this post, I heard the blackbird song. Happy spring, my friend - sus

  3. This is a strong painting!! Full of devotion in connection with strength and sensitivity. The face looks like a woman's face and at the same time it looks like the face of a man, too. It also looks like the face of a Red Indian. My neighbor is a therapist, she said to me some time ago: The imagination of a Red Indian is a very good guide and shows he soul the best way. Congratulation!

    Thank you for having a view into your early spring-garden,. I love the white snow-bells soooo very much!

  4. I see a very strong and earth-connected creature, a beautiful sensuality that is male and female at the same time, the strong brilliant red of life - LIFE !!! - even the bird is strong, looking very determined about something of highest importance in life.

  5. O, yes, the bird has a wonderful deep thinking-feeling face!