Thursday, April 19, 2012

About this blog

The word, cachepot is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as,
 "An ornamental receptacle to hold and usually to conceal a flowerpot".

I like to think of this blog as a place to put things that I value,
somewhat hidden, but not quite.

The natural world, poetry, sacred imagery, art and thoughts about life.

 This photo, already three years old now, was chosen as my profile
because I think it captures the curiosity and love I have for nature.

I have found
and picked up for
close examination
an acorn?
a stone?
all are lovely
in this quiet place

And from this springtime renewal and emergence,
there quietly comes an image.

The Earth Mother
carries a song of hope.

May your spring be full of hope and renewal.


  1. This is an extremely beautiful drawing. Her eyes !!! Their eyes :) And me too I want to sit in a park and draw what is growing from the earth. But it is very cold here, icy, still one week to go and then we may have spring. Blessings to you and yours x

  2. Oh Thank you! I so enjoy to show my work in this way.
    To draw from nature is to connect with her.
    Blessings to you and yours also. xo

  3. Simply lovely! All your photos are gorgeous. I began seeing trout lilies each spring in our area a few years ago. First the ones with pinkish-white flowers, followed by ones with yellow flowers. They are so beautiful.

    Your Earth Mother drawing exudes such a sense of peace. Wishing you as spring full of hope and renewal, as well.

  4. Thank you so much Angela, your kind remarks are so appreciated, Blessings xo

  5. Speedwell is such a breathtaking blue.

    I think that a beautiful honest earthenware pot should not be hidden

  6. Especially not your beautiful pots gz!!
    I love that splendid blue too :)

  7. so gently, mother e carries her song of hope... xxoo, sus

  8. I meant a smiley face!

  9. Oh Ramona, this drawing... I'm trying to find a something profound to say, but all words escape me when I glance upon her... Her eyes, the tilt of her head, the way she warp her arms around the bird like a scared mother, like a healer... even the way she stands perfectly still.. I'm quite haunted by her figure and I know it will last all through this Spring and beyond...

  10. I love your profile-photo very much since the first moment I saw it! What a beautiful garden with different spring-flowers,o,the lovely blue ones, and an old huge tree!!

    And what a warm-hearted drawing with the earth-mother and the bird. She looks with her feet like rootes like an old huge tree, a tree which gives friendly shelter the birds sleeping in the brunches, breeding in the brunches, singing in the brunches.

  11. Hello Dori, Thank you for stopping by. earth mother takes care of all her creatures.