Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The progression continues

Engaging the personalities of the two subjects.

The woman and cat come to know each other.

                             My little painting has begun and so will continue.
Will the colors change? What will be added?
The next time that I touch brush to painting will answer.


  1. Such lovely feeling... cat and woman. Can't wait to see it next!

  2. Love seeing the progression - as in life - the cat and woman become friends. Looking forward to seeing more of the story . . .

  3. Its really somehow like "Dori"-painting :) !
    I recognize somehow Rembrandt and Vermeer van Delft, too, and I recognize Original Ramona-Stile!

    This theme is a theme, which happens so often in this world. An Algerian friend of mine told me last month about his old mother, she is alone, now, she has cats...

  4. The story comes to life as they make eye contact - both smiling, I love that. xxoo, sus

  5. This cat has such a merry grin on her face - I love it :D