Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving beyond the edges

This week I've been working on a companion piece to
the white hen and stars drawing.


This one is white hen with moon.

Through out the week
an earlier unfinished watercolor image kept turning up.
Sometimes when this happens I put aside what I'm currently working on 
and work on what it is that is asking for attention.

My first thought was that since the image was painted with watercolor
that I would continue with this medium.


After sitting with the image I made some sketches and 
realized that I would combine ink and watercolor on this one.

This painting has to do with breaking out of the normal ways of doing things,
and moving beyond the edges.


  1. O, Ramona! I recognize my hen Silverstar! Imagine, what happened. You know, that I have lost one of my Silverstars in autumn by a hawk. One week ago I missed another silverstar. I was afraid, that the hawk has caught her, too, because I have heared the hawk-babies whisteling in the nearby forest.

    But two days ago, when I came to the Ranch, Xaver shouted:"Look! Our missed Silverstar is hear eating hungry! Look, how big she is and hear, how she is cooing! Only clucking hen are cooing like this!"

    We believe, that Silverstar is breeding some hidden eggs. Breeding-time lasts 21 days, and we hope, that she will be successful and bring us some lovely little Silverstars later.

    The butterfly looks sculptural!

    I love the edge-roses!

    ..."and work on what it is that is asking for attention..." - yes - this happens sometimes - special experience - our drawings are our children, too -

  2. Thank you Dori. I have always admired your beautiful wild silver star hens. I'm glad you have found your missing silver star. What a secretive hen she is!
    Thank you for your comment my Bavarian Forest friend.

  3. My favourite quote seems apt here:
    "Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
    Hans Christian Andersen

    Freedom to move beyond the edges!

    The hens, too, are beautiful, and moving.

  4. both pieces are wonderful
    i love how you create borders in your art, so lovely and appealing.

  5. thank you Tammy Lee!

  6. The moth made me gasp - wonderful - and really very good choice to continue in pen and ink. The hens are wonderfully pensive. xxoo sus

  7. Hello dear Sus. I like that you describe my hens as pensive.:))) xo

  8. Miss Elle s'ennuie, I love the quote. It suits the drawing well!

  9. Ramona, I see your hens looking beyond the edges, dreaming beyond, just for one moment they are so kind to posture there inside your drawing and as soon as we don't look anymore they walk on!

  10. Yes Stille Linde! A brief pause before they walk on and float skyward.