Monday, August 27, 2012


If you travel about 275 miles north of where I live, lean a little to the right and hug the shoreline of Lake Michigan, you will eventually end up on a little strip of Wisconsin called Door County..

A narrow finger of land surrounded by water. A place where earth, air and water meet. It is this place that we traveled to when we packed up our three dogs on Saturday and drove the five hours that would take us geographically and mentally to a place of leisure enchantment.




Baily is always happy to be a part of something. Misha is a cautious girl and has a harder time relaxing.

You can see these attributes in this photo.





  1. What a beautiful spot for relaxing!

  2. Wishing you a restorative time, Ramona, and your dear dogs, too. Looks like a marvelous place. love, sus

  3. This is a wide and eternal place to meditate about life and summer!

    The white beautiful dog is looking and laughing 100% like Timmi! OH! We have two similar dogs, Ramona! I love him so much!

  4. How perfectly, indeed, that image captures the nature of your dogs... I imagine Emma is not one to travel? I actually used to have a cat "Frisky" ( goofy name, I named her when I was 5years old!) She used to travel easily. Went to Cape Cod every year with us for summer, went to college with me when I moved off campus... she died at 29 years old when I was 25! Not sure how I got onto this story, but...

  5. So good that you do these things for yourself ... and for all the others :)) We need those places!

  6. Thanks for your warm sentiments:)

    Valerianna, They say that Door County Wisconsin is the Cape Cod of the Midwest. Truly a special place.

    To have a cat that I can travel with would be great!
    Not sure with Emma.
    I love that your cat lived for 29!!