Sunday, December 02, 2012

November slips into December

Still, I am moved by this understated beauty.

Some of these images were taken on walks nearby and some were taken just outside my back door. 
Beauty like this quietly awaits our notice and can be found anywhere.

Tiny crimson Rose Hips upon slender green stems and burgundy thorns 
observes its own shadow on the bark of an old Elm tree riddled with holes 
from insects and birds from another time.


  1. A soft step from November to December.
    Lovely painting! I recognize my 2 meanwhile big hen-babys :)

    1. Hello Dori! Your baby hens grow fast.

  2. such a sweet and tender drawing.
    i love the rose hips against the tree, lovely.

  3. Well, I imagine you know how much I love the late November, early December stalk and stem photos. The drawing, also created a flutter in my heart... wingbeats, gently caressing my somewhat tender heart of late :)

  4. '...insects and birds from another time'
    beauty is all around us
    we only need to slow down enough to
    notice deeply.
    The little bird shaping her wings like a heart
    makes me smile.
    Advent blessings be yours Ramona - sus

  5. Beautiful images - love the red of the rose hips against the bark of the elm. And your drawings always capture such emotion - love this one.

  6. Yes, since a few days their voice is like from boys, which brake the voice in a certain age, you know. It's funny!

    I'm happy, that they survived in this widerness. One night they even slept outdoor, they were hidden and snow came. But next morning they were back with the group, o my dear!

  7. Yes beauty is around us all the time, your images are so gentle and beautiful... and as for your drawing so serene. Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful photo's! Love them!
    You have beautiful blog here, with great drawings.

  9. "understated beauty" -- such a marvelous truth. Lovely!