Friday, March 08, 2013

Red,white,brown and gray.

My weekend at the Christ in the Wilderness retreat center was a welcome 
respite from the routines of daily life.
A wonderful place an hour or so west of Rockford IL.
I try to come here a couple times every year.

There are three hermitages at CITW. The one I stayed in is called 
Paul of Tarsus.

This is a place of quiet and reflection.

 I sometimes bring a few well chosen books to read and some
art supplies.

Mostly I come for the solitude.

You can see the bird feeder from the window.

The birds tell other animals that there is fresh food at the feeder.

The deer come but are cautious.

This is the world of these deer and I decide to explore the woods
to get to know them better.

It is easy to follow the trails that the deer frequent in winter.
The lack of foliage on the trees allow me to see deeper.

Here you can see where food is scarce, the deer will often eat the bark off of trees.

There is wind today and I stay in the low areas to keep warm.
In the winter, the bones of the land reveal themselves, and show that
this land has endless rolling hills.

I always enjoy myself here and am always sad to leave. The drive going home
 is never like the drive getting here. 

On this day however, life has another plan for me. The day I was leaving, 
something unexpected happened.
I thought I heard a bird that I had not heard before and scanned the trees to see what bird 
is making this sound. Lo and behold it was not coming from the trees. 

On the ground a few feet away I saw..

a very sweet gray cat with a festering eye that was hungry and alone.

He came to me right away, rubbed his head on my boot and told me that he
would very much like something to eat and in exchange he would be
 happy to accompany me on my ride home.

How could I refuse?

This sweet fellow has been to see the vet and is being treated for 
ear mites and receiving antibiotics for infection to his injured eye.

 He can stay with us as long as he likes, he has not told us his name yet
and soon he will be introduced to my Emma which should be very interesting indeed!


  1. HA! So glad you had a retreat... with deer and cardinals, and, lo and behold a CAT! They seem to find you in the forest, eh? How sweet... hope the introduction to Emma goes smoothly.

  2. Yes, always in quiet places I find these cats that seem to need me:))))!!

  3. I fall in faint because of all this heavenly messages. Ramona, EXTRANISSIMO! I love ALL you show here!!! There is a deep and secret connection between the heaven,the earth and the creator and you, and I am so very amazed to know you.

    1. My sincere thanks to you Dori, and I am so very glad to know you!

    2. I love like one photo is following the other, combined with the true text, and this real tale becomes from photo to photo more exciting...

  4. oh, your drawing, ramona... xoxo

  5. Sweet Ramona, I was much moved by this post. When we lived in Seattle, I would go each late winter for a weekend to a retreat center on a cliff overlooking Puget Sound. In the sleeping quarters, we observed silence. The solitude was such a replenishing thing. What a gift, your new cat friend! Blessings to you - sus

  6. How are the two cats today in your house? Do they accept each other?

    I also like the drawing very much, its so soft and flying and dreaming, the face is full of sensitive awareness.

    1. They are still unsure of each other:) Thank you!!

    2. I think of you and the cats every day wishing the best. I think, they are two individual eremits :)

  7. Beautiful post, Ramona, thank you for sharing !! I love the name "Christ in the wilderness" Now I understand where this lovely drawing came from ...
    How is his eye now? Will it get healed completely?

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I am not sure that the eye will heal.
      He appears to have lost the vision and we are currently applying ointment to clear up the redness.

    2. Anyway it is a wonderful cat!

  8. And I think it's Francis :))

    1. :))) A great name.

    2. What a brave cat, brave eyes found by brave feet in the wilderness with Christ. Mother Ramona's house is a good place, thanks heaven!

  9. LOvely images Ramona! Looks like a wonderful place to find solutide. I also love your drawing. And how wonderful that this cat found you when he needed to.

  10. how nice that you gave yourself this gift of getting away. i did the same last week, to a friends cabin with out electricity or running water. but it does have a wood stove. I however did not bring a cat home ;-) you are so kind to care for the cat. my sense is that it will stay with you for a very long time.

    i loved seeing the red birds in the winter realm and your drawing is a delight to see as well.

    lovely week to you ~

  11. Hallo, dearest Ramona, did you still see "The Watchman" from Stille Linde? I had a special feeling of peace after first feeling nothing. It was so strong, that I made "the same" drawing. And YOU? The Three????

  12. Thank you for this tip ever "watchful" Dori. I would love to try!

    1. This is so valuable for me, I#m waiting with my heart.