Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Watchman waits....

Can you follow? Will you allow yourself to be led?
The watchman waits and leads you through the tunnel,
and there heavenly creatures float
and dreams become reality.

Tonight I was inspired and led to draw the image of 'The Watchman' by artists, Dori Stuffer and
Barbara Beeckmans.

The image above was drawn last year and was not fully
placed until tonight.

An other realm beckons us to follow.


  1. Oooh... LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! :-)

  2. Your Watchman looks rather like the monks in the monesteries in Greece where I used to live. I remember being led down candlelit corridors in old stone churches heading towards a groto. Maybe if I was ready, they would have led me to another world... The woman and cat drawing - OH MY!

  3. This morning I was at awe and disbelieve when I first saw your drawing of the watch man. Today was going to be my father's 71st birthday, he passed away this month, on my birthday. Your drawing, the watch man holds a very close resemblance to my father, it's almost as if it was a portrait of him.. his features even his garment and head wear. Hours later,I'm still overwhelmed when I look at the watch man... my eyes are flooded with tears and I just want to say thank you.. in a way you brought him back to me on this day, on his birthday.

    1. Dear Hussam,

      When doubt creeps in on wobbly feet, faith in the divine shines with a light so pure that for a moment I chastise myself.

      You have given me part of your heart here...thank you my dear friend.

  4. Ramona, this is SO wonderful, amazing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is so consolating, also for my friend far away, feeding the poor street cats - and for everybody, who sees this great work. The eyes of the watchman and the liht and the tunnel, the heavenly creatueres, the text... everything in this drawing is a deep and real prayer.

    I have tears in my eyes!

    I also can imagine the relationship to Hussam's Father. Greetings to Hussam!

    And also greetings to Valerianna, who is recognizing a Greek Monch! Valerianna, I love this! Thank you!

    LOVE to Stille Linde, who discovered the watchman! LOVE!

  5. It seems Stille Linde's Watchman has led us here.

    .... blessings to all who read this post and comments.