Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The mysterious pull to remember

June gently comes,
whispering thoughts 
to remember

The neoplasm

a neoplasm
 nestled in the
inside curve
my kidney
a grey toned screen shows,

 "lets wait" said he 
"and see if it 

                   Someone said,

 "The most frequent entryway to the sacred is through suffering and dissatisfaction. 
Honor the longing"

There,...there is the pull to remember.

Lovely June, you pulled me so sweetly
to the divine.
Stay with me gently lest I forget.

A routine exam causes me to ponder
a small lump.
will you stay with me small and mysterious
as a reminder of the work 
to be done,
will you quickly 
usher me from this world to the next.?...

for now..,
the privet blooms
 and releases her intoxicating
perfume into the June air,
and days lengthen and enchant.

Heavenly messengers. Call us to our wise and loving heart.

  Beauty calls to us,...
the voice of the beloved.


  1. Oh this is so beautiful!!! the pictures, the drawings, the words ... Ramona, I am breathing beauty here, inhaling big gasps of beauty :)) Thank you !!!

  2. I fall completely in LOVE with the faces! These are faces of the Divine in a human being! These are faces of a divine soul. Which soul is not divine? - but sometimes te mirror is dark and dirty. Here I see a clear mirror.

    I live with a small lump in my inner ear at the balance-organ since 1996. I had to ponder a lot. Long walks and to be tired by good, hard work helped me to give the lump its small place in my life, not more. John Cross introduced me into the world of true consolation and new aims. In this time I started to make the flowers for the church, and a new life of spiritual light began after a time of big and painful fear.

  3. Just eloquent work, Ramona. Suffering - and staying present in that - is certainly not my favorite path but leads deep and true to spiritual growth, as you have said. Prayers - love - sus

  4. Ramona - beautiful - deeply beautiful faces and words - sending you blessings in this time of unknowing - may the voice of the beloved be the loudest and chase all your fears away.

  5. Thank you so much for your words. I so appreciate you.

  6. What a joy to be here, dear Ramona........your drawings touch my heart - what a great artist you are! And thank you sooooo much for your lovely comment, that makes my heart sing. Have a wonderful weekend,

    with love, Jade