Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wonderful Timmi

What unites us is never far
from where we sit.

When visiting my friend Dori in Germany
last month I had the unfortunate experience of watching 
a car drive backwards upon her resting beloved dog Timmi.

I was able to get out the words No! stop! in enough time for
 the unwitting driver to stop the car, but not before inflicting 
damage to the elderly dogs legs.

After an assessment by the veterinarian it looks like poor Timmi is a fighter
and will grace the Stuffer house with his presence for a while to come.

Timmi is a beautiful white dog with deep soulful eyes and a deep connection
 to his family. During the time I spent with Dori and her husband I was able to
help care for the injured dog. At times we would leave our beds in the middle of the night under the light of the full moon to carry Timmy from his favorite spot in the meadow to the house or to bring him water and reassurance.

Charcoal drawing Ramona Felse

Pen drawing Ramona Felse

Slowly, slowly Timmi's legs got stronger and is now able to walk without help but the first days we took him everywhere we would go.

 Neighbors came to see how Timmi  was and
family and friends would call by phone or stop by with well wishes.

Strangers would help us lift this great dog into the car. 
Wonderful, beautiful people all coming together to offer their 
support and kindness.

Returning home I felt that I had received a great unexpected gift.

Life truly is what happens when we are busy making other plans....


  1. Wow... of course you would be there when this happened, to lighten the load and to literally save Timmi's life, it sounds! An intense story, but so glad that he is better...

    1. Yes it was intense but turned out Timmi has a guardian angel.

  2. Karl-Heinz4:25 PM

    Marvellous!! When I see your lovely drawing I can remember the scenes when we carried Timmi from the meadow to our house. Greetings!

    1. Oh karl-Heinz, what fun it was trudging through the meadow with Royal Timmi! I will always remember that night!! Wonderful memories, thank you!!!!

  3. Thank you, Ramona!!

    These drawings are more than wonderful!!! They have inside a kind of living and feeling.... you are able to bring to view, what happened in reality and in our real dream and feelings - maybe even in Timmi's....

    Timmi is looking like fuchur, as big and flying carried by the small humans.

    Every day I feel so thankful, that you and the Lover's angels saved Timmi. Uncredible!

    Actual he is walking slowly as much as and where he wants, he does not like to go farer from the house. He is allowed to sleep outdoor in the meadow or indoor, how he feels best. I trust on his instinct. The instinct is also like a guardian-angel.

    Oh, Ramona, these were such loving days, I was allowed - and I am alloed to experience your deep loving blessed soul!

    How much you do for dogs,also here, where you live. Especially for old dogs! You have a lot of valuable experiences with dogs and animals. Respect!

    Oh, now he (Timmi) is barking in front of the in-door! It's midnight, and I think he wants to spend his night again under the stars. I think, he still is irritated by the accident.

    I say: he gave to me and to our house and to all his friends all his life a LOT of peace, - why shouldn't I (we) now give him back a little bit from what he donated?

    Yesterday one of the neighbours stopped his motorbyke, went to timmi to the meadow, fondled him and went back to his bike ....

    I love the new title-photo of your blog (yellow flowers) and the drawing of your dog!!!

  4. thank you for sharing your dear and caring story with us.
    your drawings are full of feeling and express to me care and connection with the life within them.

    I feel so happy for the experiences you had on your visit, the friends you made, the soul filled days you shared.

    1. Generous and sweet Tammie Lee Thank you so much.

  5. This drawing shows Timmi as a big, big dog because he is a big part of your life. He is important to all.

    Thank you for everything you write here. You are a blessing to me.

  6. Thank you for this hearttouching story! Poor Timmi. But he is a fighter :-)

    I love the paintings.

    1. Thank you, Jedidja!

    2. Jedidja! welcome! Thank you so much for your interest.

  7. Gelia6:07 PM

    Dear Ramona,

    for me it was an extremely enriching experience, to look with your eyes of an artist on my sister's art.
    Your angle is so lively and calming, so full of appreciation in knowledge.
    Not only my sister's approval makes me happy, but also knowing YOU as a sincere person, who even enhances other's art with your great open heart.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Gelia

      I'm so happy to meet you at your sister's house. I enjoyed our visit and am touched by your words here. Thank you gracious Gelia!

  8. Sylvia3:47 PM

    This is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Sylvia! So nice to see you here.