Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shy Guests Come to Visit.

I have two little dogs that I'm fostering. They are females that have only known the breeding life and were rescued by caring people who believe all creatures should be allowed with dignity.

Dogs under these conditions usually have many medical problems that are ignored and do not know how to be a pet and are very fearful of humans.  

Owned by people who are concerned only by making a 
profit, they have never been outside of a kennel.

I hope to teach them to that there is more to life besides being confined to a cage. One needs a lot of patience to gain the trust of a shy and fearful dog.

Here is a drawing of a peaceful scene in the garden.
All animals are enjoying the sunshine, but the two shy ones stay hidden.

But today they are becoming more and more used to humans and are coming into the sunshine. I hope with time that one day soon they will have a special family that will choose them and give them a forever home.

and now I leave you with a photo of hidden Emma. Can you see her?

Emma is not shy, she just likes to be alone sometimes


  1. Gah, I just can't understand people who treat living beings as things... But, now that these little doggies have you, they couldn't be in better hands :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement :-) I will try to do my best, They are so very

  2. HA, no wonder I like Emma so much! Funny photo, its like seeing Emma as a paisely cat/owl. Happy those two pups found you to foster them, I'd say they're on the right track! Best of luck with them, they are cute. Very endearlng drawing.... :)

    1. Emma is certainly one of a kind! She is the the mysterious paisley predator.
      Thanks for the well wishes with the pups XO.

  3. how wonderful that you are caring for these two and offering them a new and more healthy experience of life. I can only trust that they will open to you! loved seeing your sketch and that you included your visitors in it.

  4. Oh what a wonderful gift you are giving to these lovely dogs. I do hope they both find loving forever homes. And I love your beautiful drawing - what a peaceful scene in your garden.

  5. What lovely dogs - I hope they'll soon be enjoying the sunshine, which is so healing for everyone. I love your sketch.

  6. Love your drawings! And I love dogs. When I was a little girl I had a dog named: Gompy. He was so kind for me. But not for others.
    He bit a few people inter alia the treasurer of the school management. He was false. Through abuse by one of its previous owners.

    I think Emma is an introvert dog :-) Not shy.

  7. It's an amazing thing, so much healing, you do for innocent dogs and creatures in this cold world, looking only for profit - PAIN!!

    I see Emmas eyes behind a nice cloth full of meditating flowers.

    Your drawing comes directly from your authentic life.

  8. These suffering animals come to me for help. Each one is special and needs care. Truly I think I am the one being healed.