Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Silent New Year from where The Deer Come.

Sheet Metal Angel with small Bird
and Three Flowers

Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?
by Antonio Machado

Has my heart gone to sleep? 
Have the beehives of my dreams 

stopped working, the waterwheel 
of the mind run dry, 
scoops turning empty, 
only shadow inside?
No, my heart is not asleep. 
It is awake, wide awake. 
Not asleep, not dreaming— 
its eyes are opened wide 
watching distant signals, listening 
on the rim of vast silence.

Small pen drawing from my silent retreat.

Everywhere the deer came,
silently, watchfully
like a hidden part of my self,
like the beginning of a prayer.

I have been making a silent retreat for several years now,
sometimes once, sometimes twice a year
to immerse myself in silence to listen to
the still voice within.
slowly, slowly I bring less and less with me
for I am finding it is all a distraction.

My wish for the New Year is
to recognize my need for outer distractions and slowly
find my way back to
from where the deer come.


  1. Beautiful work. Wishing you a quiet, calm and happy new year!

  2. such a lovely angel with three flowers
    and yes, so much of life is a distraction
    unless we take the peace and presence into each thing we do
    but still your retreat might be quite different from that

  3. Lots of beauty, I'm particularly fond of the small drawing :) Abundant blessings and yes, much peace and stillness to you in this new coming year!

  4. How touching this is, Ramona. I love your angel with the tulip skirt - it's beautiful. And your sketch; your likening the deer to your inner life. So interesting and perceptive. A blessed New Year to you.

  5. Dear Ramona, this angel is touching the heart. His feelings are deep, and the love in the angel's eyes is a mirror of your love - and of the love of the Lover.

    You are so right: distraction is SO un-necessary for our love.....

  6. And the drawing tells a hidden story about the dark soul being watched by the deer in love...