Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The years end and finding comfort in Winter.

The dark days of winter invite me to add my favorite scents to a 
light bulb ring, cover up with a soft blanket and pull out my 
favorite winter books.
Candle light is always a must when the nights are long and 
spirits need lifting.

Visiting friends and family are part of my Christmas tradition and 
each year this becomes more and more meaningful to me. 

an Angel gift for a dear friend.

New sheet metal

I have added some small red flowers to the sheep with the bird.
This was created with peace and harmony in mind, for nature can teach 
us these virtues like no other :))

My cat has two kittens climbing in her fur.
I have not yet applied paint to the primed surface, only yellow
crayon has sketched the outlines of the kittens
and their mothers face.
I love to put these sheet metal cats in the window
of my home, it looks like I have many cat friends and keeps my neighbors guessing.

Peace and harmony for the New Year my dear readers and 
blogging friends.

Thank you for keeping me company! You are the best! :-))


  1. Peace and harmony to you in this upcoming year Ramona!
    Love your metal work . . .

    1. And well wishes to you and yours Judy:))

  2. Love seeing the metal angel with her new friend! Happy New Year and here's to quiet winter reflection and healing scents.

    1. And your favorite...second favorite feline!

    2. How IS little Emma? She's my favorite feline over here :)

    3. Ha, I just saw her in the photo with the book, missed that before!

    4. She's also in the first photo :) I guess she looks a little different sniffing the oils.
      She is doing well, soon to be seven years old and feisty as ever.

  3. The darkness in these winter-time is filled with your wonderful candle-lights of love and desire. it's like a soft coat to hide wounds and hard reality.

    Your metal-work is so necessary for sending the message of love and nature-dreams into the world - into the hearts of all, who are allowed to see it.

    Funny cats in the windows - so nice questions for the viewers passing by!! :)))

    Best whishes for the new year! 350 days being online with the Lover!