Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kolachkys this Winter

In the cold months I like to heat up the stove and bake something delicious. This year the wonderful smells in the kitchen came from my Grandmother's recipe for Kolachkys. Having not made these in a few years it was a special treat that brought my long departed relatives close.

Besides containing yeast and lard, the dough for Kolachkys only has one tablespoon of sugar to six cups of flour, so you can imagine they are not too sweet.  However when the dough is rolled out you sprinkle sugar over the dough as you roll it and this adds a little more sweetness. 

A little cherry, plum or poppyseed jam in the center is the finishing touch for these wonderful and homey old world treats.


  1. Those look delicious!

  2. My art-teacher once said: "Cooking - the art to survive"!

    Very beautiful bakers-art! i smell it! I would like this Ramona-good-night milk-snack now!

  3. And they are very pretty to look at! :)