Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love Flowing

She who loves the Garden Painting on Tin

I haven't been here much but I've been painting all the while. 
This new painting on sheet metal was inspired by, partly from a need for flowers, (the winter has been a long and cold one), and the beauty that flows from the love of nature into the heart and soul of the one who loves. In other words, when we love we become lovely.


  1. I was thinking of you today - I figured you must be working on your art. A lovely painting!

  2. Hi Lisa, It's nice to be thought of, yes, I'm keeping busy;)

  3. This metal work is extrano magnificent! So soulful, true, heavenly and full of earth-being, dreaming and longing for being able to give and get love and feeling: LOVE is here and flows from nature through her heart back to nature.

    Your words "when we love we become lovely" are most wonderful and amazing.

    Great! I'm proud to know you, artist!