Monday, March 26, 2012

Images from the weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring, and the guise of something special.

The early spring weather has lured me outside, and lately I have spent most
of my days enjoying this most exiting and beloved time.

 I observe how others celebrate being alive and 
notice its effects can be very uplifting.

The red winged black bird, you come back to your beloved wet lands
 each year, again and again.
You flit from branch to branch to get the best view
performing one hundred sun salutations and rejoice
in your gladness in being here. 

 Tail held high, the labrador, my sweet Baily, loves to feel the cool water
as she glides effortlessly across the pond.
 Feeling her limbs move in ways that she was bred to do,
she is at home in the water. 

  Shy and elusive, the Sand Hill Crane blends in with her surroundings, can you see?
There, look how beautiful! a red crown shines on its head!

Later, I carry these early spring colors with me and they show up
in a watercolor painting.

A woman pauses from her gathering and offers the
light of the sky in her eyes, 
and the warmth of remembrance
in her smile.