Saturday, April 30, 2011

 April in her magnificence.

Once the rain had stopped, 

and the sun came out, 
there were lovely things to look at,

 the beautiful but short lived Blue Bells,

the unfurling of ferns,

Icelandic Poppies,

tiny jewel like buds of the viburnum,

and smiling Misha.

The April rain also produced some new works in progress.

A renewal of sorts is in the air and the cycle continues its ancient rhythms.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New drawing and scenes from the garden.

She's glad I'm here

Under a waning moon sits a girl and her cat.
The return home to loved ones and loved pets is often rewarded with
 scenes like this.This drawing was inspired by my recent return home
 after a short trip.  It is not known which one is more glad that the 
other is here.

Scenes from the garden

I'm pleased to see that the single milk weed planted last summer
is sending up numerous little shoots which means more butterflies!
Here is a picture of last years caterpillar, note in the first picture 
the dried branch in the center was one plant.


The beautiful remains of the old milk weed plant.





Virginia Blue bells

Monday, April 04, 2011

A small piece of the creative process at work and the evolution of a little story.

After the first post,  an encouraging comment left by a dear reader( thanks Barb!)
 suggested that I continue and turn the post into a little story. At first I wasn't sure how, but after reviewing the body of work produced in the last four or five months it started to occur to me what was happening and it became easier to finish the story.

Sometimes stories are illustrated with works created specifically for the story.
This is the way I would normally go about this,
 but this time, 
the images created the story.

With the exception of the image in the first post, none of the others were 
specifically created for the story, they were all chosen from previous work.

 The images of the women with bird in the heart, shown here, are newer works and were created in the past 3 weeks. Although only four are shown, there are total of six .

Our connection to our true nature is inside all of us.

Although the three part story was fun to put together it would not have been nearly as much fun had it not been for the interest shown by all who commented. Thank you!

From a walk this weekend.

all sorts of wild things..

And when I got home...

A visitor comes calling 
 Out of the corner of my eye,
movement of a bulky sort got my attention,

A stately girl, quietly going about her business,

came through the neighborhood parading her
wildness through the domestic landscape.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Part III

When the lights flickered
and the moon rose high,

the shadows grew long,
and the
haunting flute song 
the last hermit thrush
was  heard,

It was then that
I knew,

it was then that I realized
that was once ,

I and the bird

 had merged..somehow,


 I was the bird

the bird became me.

Sounds are accredited to nature sounds and Bird songs .
Images and photos are property of Ramona Felse. Some images are available
in my etsy shop click here  to see which ones.