Friday, May 17, 2013

May's song

What more is there 
to want...

white apple blossoms

close your eyes and breathe the scent
of May as she tumbles her heavenly
gifts upon your lap.

listen to the whisperings 
of gladness that you're part
of her abundance.

Linger with her awhile,
 for hers is a fleeting beauty...

...everything you need 
is right here.

 field flowers and bird song,
i am alive.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Wondrous fleeting spring!!

Heavenly shades of blue 
and pink,
ruffled edges beginning
to fade


 A glorious spring! I cannot stay indoors.
 Beautiful blossoms that come only for a few
days must be enjoyed right now.

Heavenly Blue Bells!  This year they have multiplied 
into the hundreds!
I enjoy every stage of a flower,
the emerging buds,
the full blown peak of
color and vitality!
and finally..., the bittersweet 
fading of color, still there but with the 
beginnings of brown and dry edges.

Every stage a wonder!!

And also my sweet yellow friend, Gold Finch is here with me. 
How much I love his sweet song I can't begin to tell you.

Much activity in the garden these days. 

Must get ready for planting of vegetables
 and move things around and prune and clean up, and,..and.

and later, time for a rest with a simple rustic bread,
toasted with butter and honey.

Have a wonderful spring, filled with birdsong and fragrant blossoms and
simple food.

Friday, May 03, 2013

New paintings for spring

 Emerging from a monochrome
color finds its way
into new paintings


Cardinals sings overhead

 Violet, a humble beauty.