Friday, February 17, 2012

Exploring line and glimpses of beauty

Exploring the qualities of line, I trace the shapes of two figures.
A bird returns to those that have shown it love.

Like an old lockset that is graced with cracks and patina,
this life is full of openings and closings.

slamming hard
and opening gently,

it is with care
that I can see

the meaning of the 
hard edges and brokenness,

a glimpse of the beauty and perfection
that was always there.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shadows, light and exquisite beauty.

One day when the evenings were long,
and the cooper hawk sat very still....

I went to my brother's home and wandered among the snow,
shadows and light.

His beautiful sculptures of stone, each one telling a different story, looked
at home, as if they had rooted themselves where they were placed.

Snow crusted and ivy entwined.

The creative process, a mystery.

Ideas taking shape in the mind,

are transformed into exquisite beauty.

This one shall follow me home someday soon and will take
root in my heart and be cherished.

The artist in his home.