Monday, September 30, 2013

Garden painting

Large painting on door.

Using chalk helps me define and adjust areas.
Later I can apply more paint.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Painting large

Inspired by friend and artist Dori Stuffer.

Friday, September 06, 2013

A late summer journey

When you can imagine a life for yourself and dream
of taking risks and floating skyward,
life can carry you.....far

and so it was that I found myself miles from home
in a little village in the Bavarian region of Germany,

a place that wrapped it's arms around me and said,

My journey took place with artist Dori Stuffer,
an artist who's work I have long admired
 since first encountering her charming and luminous paintings
on her blog and website.

Upon arriving to the Forest of Bavaria, it is easy to see where 
the artist draws her inspiration.

Seeing these paintings before my eyes in her home was an 
incredible experience. I cannot describe for you the 
wonderful warm feelings that come from her work.

Deeply contemplative, always joyful,
The Art of  Dorothea Stuffer.

 (photo from Dorikult blog)

Life size sheet metal doe. (photo from dorikult blog)

Dori's shares with me her metalwork technique.

Our friend watches. 

This is Dori's dog Timmy.

Everyday we go to the farm where Dori keeps a small
flock of sheep, a red pony,

and chickens!

I visit the beautiful and humble St. Wolfgang Chapel.

Metalwork creations by Dori Stuffer
see more about pilgrimage markers here

Painting and words Ramona Felse

The chapel is the final destination on the route of the pilgrimage of St. Wolfgang.
A project undertaken that includes many hours of planning but when completed will last a lifetime.
Watch it unfold here.

Painted over a year ago and donated to the chapel, I see the painting 
hanging in the chapel behind candlelight 
and I write a few words in the guest book.

My visit ends much too soon and I am sad to leave,
for I have made many friends .

and many wonderful and  unforgettable memories.

with Hildegard at St. Wolfgang Chapel

holding pigeons with Dori and Xaver.