Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birch Panel Painting and the Reoccurring Bear

I received three new birchwood panels to paint. This is something new for me and I'm always excited to work with new materials. The drawing above was my inspiration for the painting.

I first sketch my idea in pencil and fill it in with washes of Acrylic paint. Next I added a soft green border with snowflakes surrounding the image.

Some ideas let you know right away that something isn't right. Maybe the painting isn't the correct size for the idea or perhaps it's the wrong medium it's hard to say. Look how different the pencil drawing looks from the rendition in paint,

Lately I've had a black bear theme, (see this post) on my mind.

Original sketch of bear for sheet metal painting,

Here is the 3 foot tall garden sculpture for sale here.

This is a small 9 inch rendition of the larger bear painted on tin,
commissioned by an etsy follower.

The bear image stayed on my mind so, while having tea I had an idea,....,
 here is the final painting on birch panel.

 Black Bear comes to visit in Winter.
Acrylic paint and crayon on birch panel 9x12 inches.

Out of hibernation, the little brown colored black bear comes to a curtained window. I completely repainted the first image and kept the green border with snowflakes. I love the rigid texture of painting on board and how it hold the crayon and paint. I'm looking forward to painting some larger pieces soon.


  1. Dear Ramona, where shall I begin? My heart and eyes are filled up with wonderful imaginations - paintings, iron-work, colord drawings, all flowing from amazing artist and brave-heart deer-lover Ramona!

    The woman in the room with the doves is just great and true! I love this coloured work so much! I really feel her to be like she is in my soul or whant to be like her! This is in Xaverhof-dove-room or anywhere. This is the basis of having doves and love these sweet birds! Thank you! Great! The colours are best!

    And the the bear in all his forms, so strong, with an aspect of heavy earth and big heart. This is a bear, who tells, that Ramona is a friend of nature and all creatures God has created for us to be careful with them.
    I also recognize in this big bear my big white dog Timmi - and also even this wild and heartful but somehow dangerous wolf Rambo, who came to me searching for shelter..


  2. Thank you Dori, it's great to read what other artist see in the work.

    This bear is friendly and likes to be curious. He sometimes doesn't know that people are afraid of him and comes very close to the house.

    1. Really: SO he is!!

      I also like the cup and the snow in front of the window of Ramona-Home!

  3. Love your paintings on birch! I just did a post this morning on how paintings can change --) The bear seems so friendly - like he wants to share that cup of tea with you. You captured such a great personality in him.

  4. Thank you Judy, The bear's personality seems to change every time I paint/draw him.

  5. i always enjoy seeing how a painting unfolds
    the layers, the ideas, the sketch that inspires it
    i wonder if the painting of the woman is so different because in the sketch her head is a large part of her size and in the painting it is not, that really changes the feel of the two

    bears are such a big part of life when they live where we live
    they have to show up in our stories our arts
    it is wonderful to see each of the pieces you have made!

    1. I noticed that too about the head size, I think the painting took on a look of an illustration and had a different feel than what I was after.
      Pencil on paper for me, can take on an almost like etching like quality. A sketchiness that is lost on me when using a brush.

      Thank you for your comments Tammie Lee I always learn something new and useful.

    2. Often in my paintings-processes i realize, that "my" heads are too large. Then I make them smaller, and a "halo" emerges. So a lot of my paintings have halos. :))

      In this your painting with the dove-woman i dont see a "mistake" in the head compared with the rest. But if you cannot bear this for longer you can work on it. But be careful, It could be a mistake to change it, and the mystery of this work could go lost, and you have to work for a long time to get it back (wise owl Dori) :))

    3. I appreciate your opinion Dori. Thank you!

  6. Smiling at the bear on wood and metal.. :) And I'd love to see that woman and birds in the room find herself the right painting to be in someday.

    1. Thank you Valerianna, I would like to see her find the right painting too. :)))