Friday, February 21, 2014

Saint Francis and the pregnant dog 
Acrylic Paint on Metal-Ramona Felse

Today Saint Francis is with an unwanted dog. 
A female who is ready to give birth.
The house shows footprints that lead to a door that is shut closed.
Perhaps the footprints are from the dog being put out or maybe this is a puppy mill who's only purpose is to breed dogs for profit and St. Francis has gone inside to comfort one of the mother dogs.

This painting shows only neutral colors, three birds accompany St. Francis,
 representing the Holy Trinity.

Monday, February 17, 2014

St. Francis comes again and brings a Hen

Here is a little tin painting in the style of a Retablo.
Oil Paint on sheet metal
St. Francis finds a dog and a cat in a rural place and gives them a blessing.
 Birds like to follow him.

I also made a friendly hen from sheet metal.

Hen and the rest of the animals are safe and warm in my little house in the snow.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Cows, Happy Sheep and Making a Difference

 This morning I awoke to this  wonderful video
 of cows jumping for joy after being saved from slaughter. 

It made me feel so good to see the joy not only from the animals but from the joy of the wonderful people of Bergische Land (near Cologne Germany) who saved them. Here is the link about their organization click the flag on the upper right corner to translate.

Although she is not part of this group, this is what my dear friend Dori Stuffer does with her small flock of sheep. The unwanted sheep are looked after each day by the shepherdess herself and receive the best care to ensure happy and healthy long lives.  

When you meet people who set their own desires aside to care for the needs of another, you have truly
met the best of what life has to offer.

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Twilight

I stood beside a hill
Smooth with new-laid snow,
A single star looked out
From the cold evening glow.

There was no other creature
That saw what I could see--
I stood and watched the evening star
As long as it watched me. 

A very long and very cold winter has a firm grip on us.
No, I have not wished it away…. I know that soon enough the 
Winter of 2014 will be but a memory.

I dress warm when it's cold and drink hot soup.
I look long at the shadows on snow
 and listen to the quiet.