Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring inspiration


Beautiful patterns of the fern.

 Enchanting white bleeding heart.

Taking one image, I have made many and hand colored and embellished
them to unfold the miracle of the season.

There are ferns and wondrous white bleeding hearts on some,

Others have cattails, sedges, and birds.

  Although the image is the same, each one has a
different personality. 

Watch for these in my shop soon.

Foraging for wild edibles is a good excuse to get outside in the early spring.
The woods are full of wonders.

Stinging Nettle Soup

High in nutrition, Nettle soup is not only good for you
but very tasty!

Gather the tops of the nettle plant in early spring 
before they flower. Preparing nettles is relatively easy,
picking nettles requires paying attention.
Be sure and wear gloves when picking.

Monday, April 09, 2012

The passage of time

I love this song.........pure nostalgia.

In the yard today.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Where does inspiration come from?

When working on Art,
inspiration can come from many places.

Some colors for my painting?

The flat edges and muted colors of the Hydrangea.

Bold and vivid Begonia leafs.

 A beautiful color palette can be found anywhere,

Mystery, shadows and playfulness,

dancing fairy clothes pins,

a polar bear is in the kitchen,

two ducks run out from the cupboard,

and a woodcock plays with a rabbit,

The painting progresses a little more....

Detail of face and edges.