Friday, April 06, 2012

Where does inspiration come from?

When working on Art,
inspiration can come from many places.

Some colors for my painting?

The flat edges and muted colors of the Hydrangea.

Bold and vivid Begonia leafs.

 A beautiful color palette can be found anywhere,

Mystery, shadows and playfulness,

dancing fairy clothes pins,

a polar bear is in the kitchen,

two ducks run out from the cupboard,

and a woodcock plays with a rabbit,

The painting progresses a little more....

Detail of face and edges.


  1. I was asking myself the same question recently, but my mind wander to a time before great artists and their influence and before art has a definition. I thought of the first artists in history and the well of which they withdrew their inspiration that reflected on cave walls.. their art was like a vivid mirror reflecting the impact of their surrounding with all it's depth and beauty, with all it's colors and shades... I was happy to get a glimpse of your own well of inspiration where you find not only colors and shades but also that mystic depth that your work convey. And I'm taken by that air or serenity of your work of late.

  2. An elegant post, Ramona. The photos are all so wonderful however the first showing you and your dear friend painting is my favorite. Your peace fills me as I start this busy day. Thanks you and blessings this Holy week. -sus

  3. A lovely post - polar bears in the kitchen, oh my! But, alas, all is well under control with Emma at the drawing board, eh?

  4. Hussam, I like the way you have taken inspiration to its beginning, its most pure form.
    Best wishes to you in drawing from your own well. Thank you for your most kind words:)

    Susan. Your favorite is a scenario well played out whenever the brush or pencil comes out.
    Many blessings to you as well xo.

    Valerianna, Yes! All is in order under Emma's watchful eye! A blessed Easter to you and Pasha :)

  5. Dear Ramona, this is one of your most beautiful posts ever, the inspiration ... the blessed creatures in the material world feed us with colors and shades and textures to create our images of Spirit.
    I love your gentle shapes of egg and circle, your subtle colors, and I agree completely with the others about the favorite picture :)) Wishing you a blessed Easter!!!

  6. Dear Ramona, this is a beautiful post. There flows - like always - peace and meditation through all and everything you meet - from all and everything, you have met. Your Polar-bear is most sweet, I love him! Emma is your always nearby companion. You look beautiful sitting and drawing, Emma watching you proudly. I love the results of your inspirations very much. After having seen the intimate feeling between the woman and the cat of the drawing (I recognized me and Biau) I dreamed Biau coming back to me. I think it's a kind of cave-painting, what you do! I like the comments of the others very much, too.

  7. Thank you so very much!

  8. thank you sharing a glimpse of the things that inspire you... your painting is very beautiful