Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring inspiration


Beautiful patterns of the fern.

 Enchanting white bleeding heart.

Taking one image, I have made many and hand colored and embellished
them to unfold the miracle of the season.

There are ferns and wondrous white bleeding hearts on some,

Others have cattails, sedges, and birds.

  Although the image is the same, each one has a
different personality. 

Watch for these in my shop soon.

Foraging for wild edibles is a good excuse to get outside in the early spring.
The woods are full of wonders.

Stinging Nettle Soup

High in nutrition, Nettle soup is not only good for you
but very tasty!

Gather the tops of the nettle plant in early spring 
before they flower. Preparing nettles is relatively easy,
picking nettles requires paying attention.
Be sure and wear gloves when picking.


  1. I love your hand colored images - they remind me of an illustrated children's book I had as a child. And the fern photos are just wonderful - it's so fun to watch the garden ferns each day as the fronds unfurl toward the sun.
    Great post.

  2. I adore ferns! I LOVE nettle soup :)
    And I love the love you have given to this beautiful image of love. I see ... someone in her healing dreams ... meets a dearly loved furry companion :X

  3. Yes Judy, we sometimes take it for granted, that a fern can unfurl toward the sun is nothing short of a miracle:)

    Stille linde, you know this story of this cat who fell from the sky:) You too like nettle soup? extrano!!
    Maybe we fix some healing nettles for Dori.

  4. Beautiful, love these

  5. Beautiful the different ways that the plants bring their blessings to your sweet image. And the ferns are starting to pop up here.... I once had the absolute BEST nettle soup EVER, made by a Romanian woman. I was sick and it was brought to me and I've never forgotten how delicious it was. I also drink nettle tea quite often, it keeps me going. Enjoy the unfurling!

  6. Thank you Alena!!

    Valerianna, You have amazing ferns in your woods.
    I look forward to some fern pics in the future:))

  7. oh ramona, your paintings... xoxo

  8. Ferns are amazing, and the shadows they make in the sun...
    My mother gathers nettles every year in the summer and dries them, and in winter we drink nettle tea in the mornings. I like to put a teaspoon of honey in mine. :)

  9. Thank you Lynne!!

    Elle s'ennuie. your mother is very wise to do this.
    Healthy greens are hard to find in winter.

    I look forward to more of your beautiful photography this spring!!

  10. Ramona, I LOVE the idea of multiples - my printmaking background - these images are so like the April beauty all around. Here the fiddleheads are just big enough to steam and eat - delish! xxoo, sus

  11. Hallo, Ramona, I really recognize the spring colors and early May-light in your drawings! I love the figures and the faces, the soft holding. I see you soul and miss you here always for helping in my ranch with the animals! The technique is like "Monotypie" and it fits wonderful to your style.

    The soup looks so fine! A good idea! Xaver has a lot of young nettles!

  12. Your drawing is beautiful, and I love the lovely colours you have added to each of them. Just beautiful