Sunday, May 06, 2012

Revisiting oils with 'The Offering'.

         It's been a while since I've painted in oils. It was the medium that
 I first started painting with in my late teens. For years that was my medium of choice until I wanted to learn how to use 
water based paints....I'm still learning.

Lately, I've been craving the smell of linseed oil and turpentine.
Knowing that I would choose my subject from my sketchbook of drawings,
I needed to decide which one I would attempt to recreate in oils. 

This ink drawing that I call 'The Offering' is what I've decided on. At the end of the day, when sick of oil spills and corrupt politicians, if I am to have a painting around me to look at, let it be the simple gesture of a kindly 
old woman offering food to a stray cat.

I make another sketch of the original drawing showing how much 
of the drawing will be in the painting and then draw a series of faces.

Letting myself be free with the pencil, I allow her face to show itself to me
and am amazed and humored at what I see.
Somehow the end result will be a combination of these faces 
as they are now a part of me.

I apply gesso to the board and gather materials.

An old painting becomes a palette for mixing paint.
When I am finished using it this way, I can still use it 
to paint a new painting on.

The smell is wonderful.

My approach to painting in oils has always been to
first apply the paint quickly and freely and then slowly
develop the painting once I have the under painting in place.

And so it begins.


  1. I love the result of this "beginning" ! So simple and beautiful and expressive !! It reminds me of Zen painting, of Rembrandt sketches, and some bit of Dori too :-) Lovely how the oil paint calls you ! Me too I'm working today on imagery of woman and cat :X

  2. Oh, those faces!! And the beginning is just what Barbara says... lovely.

    I love oil, just not how they make me feel... used to be my medium for many years, but I am now chemically sensitive, might be from years of oil painting! But every now and again I crave the smooth glide of that paint on a smooth surface.... I will find a way to do it again.

    Heading out the the studio to make some art!
    May blessings from the forest,
    and a woman and her cat.

  3. such a wonderful piece
    i love that you share peaks into the process
    and how wonderful to use an old painting as a palette

  4. It is good to revisit different techniques and media, to bring insight into the ones we use daily.

  5. What a wonderful journey, you took us in hand through colors and possibilities and showed us a glimpse of your creative inner world to witness the rebirth of an old sketch into a painting which I can't wait to see upon completion... and in turn I feel encouraged myself to dare and take further attempts into the world of colors today :)

  6. MMMMMM!!! I love that smell best of all. Interesting to see you process unfolding, thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing the progress continue. xxoo,sus