Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Late spring tidings

A new feature has been added in the garden.

My artist brother has brought the sculpture that he carved out of limestone
and together we placed it in the spot that
the winged ones love.

As the days grow longer, I enjoy watching the night come.
The birds find their places for sleep and are quiet.
Light fades on the horizon and there comes a chill in the air .
As the sky turns darker, the stars show themselves
one by one.

I look to the heavens and ask, are you really there
o blessed one ?  I see a single star,
one that shines brighter than the others.


  1. what a wondrous creation the sculpture is, ramona. wow...


  2. Happy late spring to you, too, dear Ramona. The new sculpture is a treasure indeed. Your brother is very gifted, as are you. xxoo, sus

  3. How wonderful! It's such a near feeling I have , when I see the drawing and the text! Very simple and peaceful and full of spirit! The lines are so well composed and they really are original Ramona! The sculpture has found a very good home in your garden. Compliment to your brother!!

  4. Wonderful that the sculpture found roots in your garden!! Greetings to you from the spring forest.

  5. Happy Spring to you Ramona - your brother's sculpture is such a beautiful addition to your garden.
    I love your drawings and your sweet, heart-felt spring words.