Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small ink drawing

A small drawing dedicated to blogger friend Hussam
who recently lost his beloved pet dog who he lovingly referred to
as his "Amber pup".

Rest in peace dear one. 

 Out in the Desert,
 past the Lake
glows an Amber light

Three white butterflies,
land softly


  1. Dear Ramona, I am speechless and overwhelmed in tears by your heartfelt tribute to my companion. You have given us an honest piece of yourself through the loving magic of your art and words. And I am truly touched. I find it quite outstanding how much good you have shown us even though you haven't met me or Amber Pup. Saying thank you seems inadequate, but I mean it. Thank you dear Ramona.

  2. I'm so sorry for the beloved dog of Hussam...

    In your desert-drawing you show a glimpse of eternity and freedom.

    The oil-painting develops very interesting. I love the dialogue between the woman and the cat.

    Your Ramona-Style is so deep, calm and true.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Hussam.
    Ramona, your characters are indeed developing their personalities - what a loving story they tell. xxoo, sus

  4. This evening I was preparing some fish, and a sweet cat smelled it and danced around my legs singing a heartbreaking song. She sang so pretty she got warm fish with melting butter. And I saw your painting.

    Me too I want to express my sympathy for Hussam in this loss of such a precious one.