Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harvest Time

Back from my travels and I find tomatoes everywhere!!
More about my trip later, first comes the tomato harvest.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Heart In a Box

Yesterday, a sweet little box showed up at my door...

It was chock full of traveling goodies from my 
sweet niece Renae who, when she found out that I was embarking on 
a trip loaded me up with her thoughtfulness. 

There are healthy snacks and chocolate for a hungry traveler, tissue,
 a gift card to download music, fun apps or movies!... chewing gum, 
chap stick....,and underneath..

underneath everything was a beautiful burlap fabric with butterflies
circling round a fresh new sketchbook!
Blank pages to fill up with images of my travels!!

a beautifully bound notebook for jotting things down and 
recording thoughts!  

What a wonderful send off! I am thrilled to carry these things which not only are useful items 
but will be reminders of a warm and loving heart.

Thank you

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Jim Show, A Tribute to Artist and Friend

It was with much gratitude that I was asked to be a part of a special
Art Exhibition honoring a local artist and 
friend who died last summer.

This weekend the home of artist Jim Julin who died suddenly last year
 after a short illness was filled to the brim with artists and their artwork
celebrating Jim's life as an artist, craftsmen and friend.

Jim Julin


I created the drawing and poem 'A Giant Fell Today' just a few days after Jim died last year as a way to express what I was feeling at the time. When I learned of the 'Jim Show' being put together in his memory this summer I knew that this is what I was to contribute.

The pieces were placed in a shadow box and pinned
bulletin board style as a tribute to a man with a generous spirit.

                                                                                   artist Ramona Felse

Garment made from several pairs of Jim's jeans as a gift to his sister.

A pine tree that Jim planted becomes part of the show.

Several pieces of Jim's work were included.

 Every piece in the show was created with Jim's creative spirit in mind.

A gathering of friends,
and love,
and art.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

August is here

Sweet August

Slanting light and cool breeze,
white begonia and brown twigs,

the summers end,
so sweet and lingering

I love you more now,