Friday, February 17, 2012

Exploring line and glimpses of beauty

Exploring the qualities of line, I trace the shapes of two figures.
A bird returns to those that have shown it love.

Like an old lockset that is graced with cracks and patina,
this life is full of openings and closings.

slamming hard
and opening gently,

it is with care
that I can see

the meaning of the 
hard edges and brokenness,

a glimpse of the beauty and perfection
that was always there.


  1. Wise soul-poetry..... words and lines.

  2. Ramona thank you for your comment just now.
    I have been thinking about getting a bird recently so this one has extra meaning for me. I had a hand tame finch for eight years and it left a little hole in my heart when his time came. The poem, the photos, they go together so well and deepen what is already.

    HUGS, Lorraine

  3. your posts always glimpses of line and beauty -- love your poetry, your lines and these photos are beautiful

  4. Such beauty in your words and art, as always. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. I love it!!
    The two figures and the gentle small soft moving bird in the fine hand,the hand of the other person from behind soft upon the shoulder, the eyes of the 2 persons, they speak so much.

    And then the view of the old lockset and your meditation about it. Full of mysteries! Having seen now some work of your wonderful brother I see some amazing connection between his and your art.

    You often discover things and show them in new connections and make me surprise.

  6. Stunning and sensitive line drawing with thought provoking words.
    Thank you for visiting my place Ramona. Lovely to see you there!
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi, Ramona. Just stopped by from Flying Dog (Susan) to enjoy your blog and your drawings. Very lovely.
    best from Tunisia,