Friday, April 22, 2011

New drawing and scenes from the garden.

She's glad I'm here

Under a waning moon sits a girl and her cat.
The return home to loved ones and loved pets is often rewarded with
 scenes like this.This drawing was inspired by my recent return home
 after a short trip.  It is not known which one is more glad that the 
other is here.

Scenes from the garden

I'm pleased to see that the single milk weed planted last summer
is sending up numerous little shoots which means more butterflies!
Here is a picture of last years caterpillar, note in the first picture 
the dried branch in the center was one plant.


The beautiful remains of the old milk weed plant.





Virginia Blue bells


  1. Its looks like spring is arriving by you! Great pictures especially of the caterpillar. Love,love,love your sketches. Something about her eyes I just love.

  2. I don't know, either, when I return from a whole day of teaching - leaving at 7:30am, home around 7pm - who is more glad - Pasha to maybe even get a half hour outside after his day of house arrest, and, of course lots of love, or me, to get lots of love... institutions just drain me!

  3. The plants look so beautiful and full of life. I feel like I've taken a deep breath of spring. We have Sedum and Rhubarb here, too.

    The girl looks thoughtful, I feel the cat's energy pawing at hers.

    Happy Spring,

  4. I love this drawing. I recognize your face. There is a deeply feeling soul in it. The cat has a soul, you see it in the drawing, you make the soul visible! Thank you for the forsythia. I feel some beautiful excitement...

  5. Hi Ramona,

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog the other day, since it started me off on my little trip over here to this lovely place! (A sort of blog-land equivalent of taking the street never taken before, I guess!)

    I really like this drawing (and, in fact, all the artworks up and down this page). A mysterious and charming face.

  6. This is such a good Good drawing, and the most beautiful one I can remember from you. The connection is so strong, the feeling so real !

  7. Such wonderful comments, thanks everyone for stopping by.
    Such a happy beautiful spring I'm having, and hope you are too. We make it through the harsh winter just like these plants and then feeling the gentle warmth spread through our beings we go forth and carry on.

  8. Another lovely lovely drawing, and the pictures just beautiful! Spring is far off for me yet, but when it comes it will come fast and yesterday I was very excited to see the springtime butterfly, a mourning cloak - no picture to share though. Spring is coming!