Friday, April 01, 2011

Part III

When the lights flickered
and the moon rose high,

the shadows grew long,
and the
haunting flute song 
the last hermit thrush
was  heard,

It was then that
I knew,

it was then that I realized
that was once ,

I and the bird

 had merged..somehow,


 I was the bird

the bird became me.

Sounds are accredited to nature sounds and Bird songs .
Images and photos are property of Ramona Felse. Some images are available
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  1. Nice to have a sequel!

    The forest here is full of Hermit Thrushes.... they come to the moss garden and serenade me day and evening. Its nice to be reminded that they will soon be here again, filling the mornings with that amazing, fluting.... such a haunting song. Hard to imagine today as the snow falls again!

  2. I love this !! I love this !! Are these 4 bird-heart-sanctuary paintings new work or old work? I love it ! The bird is the spirit, and the free self. Wonderful!

  3. Just so Beautiful!!! The words the pictures,pure beauty.

  4. I played the birdsong in another browser tab and scrolled through your gorgeous illustrations and poetry. Incredibly beautiful!!

  5. The paintings with the heart-birds are really special! Different drawings, paintings, feelings and nature-photos come together to a reality of art, soul and life like a puzzle. They come together to a great message. The message-bearer is you and the bird(s).

  6. Wow, I love how you brought it together like that!

  7. Yes, of course - you started the story and then finished it. Each became part of a whole.